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Student housing at East Carolina University is based in three neighborhoods: College Hill, West End, and Central. Like any community, all three neighborhoods offer some common elements – such as access to key services and programs – while each neighborhood has its unique features.

Learn more about our neighborhoods and the residence halls below.

See a sample room in each of our residence halls in this video:


All freshmen must live on campus as a part of a common experience to bond new students to the university and support them through the crucial first year of college. (Students who meet specific requirements may request an exemption to the policy.)
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Want to live and study with students who are interested in similar academic or social issues? ECU’s 19 Living Learning Communities (LLCs) give you the opportunity to do just that. Available themes range from biology to art to leadership, and much more.
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Tour Greene residence hall in our West End neighborhood and Tyler hall in our College Hill neighborhood. View a room, bathroom, and common spaces.
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Looking for a roommate? Our ECU Class of 2028 Facebook Group is a great place to connect with other admitted students to find a roommate or just make friends!
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Campus Living Extras

Gateway Interior

Every residence hall comes with the basic comforts—beds, desks with chairs, chests-of-drawers, window coverings, closets or wardrobes, a microfridge and a study or lounge area nearby—plus the following great features, which are included in your housing contract fee.

  • Computer network: Every residence hall room has wireless Internet and most have wired connections available, and there are a number of computer labs both in the residence halls and in the academic buildings.
  • Free laundry: Each residence hall has one or more laundry rooms equipped with washers and dryers. The cost of using the residence hall laundry facilities is included in your housing fee, so leave the quarters at home!
  • At your service: Neighborhood Service Offices are open seven days a week. Visit your nearest office when you need a replacement key, a vacuum cleaner, room-change services or someone to receive a package for you. Maintenance services are available around the clock. Housekeeping services are provided in the common areas.

Applying for Housing

We assign new students according to the date we receive the completed Campus Living Contract and the advance room fee. As our residence halls fill up quickly, the sooner we hear from you, the better. When completing the Campus Living Contract, you’ll need to consider the following choices:

Roommate Requests

If you have someone you want to room with, we will make every effort to place you together. The ECU Class of 2028 Facebook Group is a great way to find a roommate if you don’t already have one in mind. Students who don’t request a specific roommate are assigned one based on gender and smoking preference.

We look forward to receiving your completed contract, application fee and advance room deposit by May 1 and you will be notified of your assignment and your roommate in July. We will be unable to honor specific roommate requests after May 1, and housing assignments are largely based on the order of the student’s housing contract date. Applying before April 15 is preferred.

Living Learning Communities

A select few majors, and a range of programs have Living Learning Communities as part of the campus living experience. If you are in one of these majors or choose to apply for a Living Learning Community, this will take precedence on your assignment for housing. In many cases, you may only select a roommate preference if they are in the same Living Learning Program as you.

General Requests
  • Single-sex living: Campus Living has an all-female residence hall designated each year. If you would prefer to live in this hall, answer “Yes” to the question, “Do you prefer a single-gender residence hall?” on the Campus Living Contract.
  • Tobacco-free living: The use of tobacco products is prohibited in all residence halls. Smoking is not allowed within 25 feet of residence hall steps, entry areas, porches, breezeways, courtyards and windows. If you use tobacco products, please answer “Yes” to the question, “Do you use tobacco products?” on the Campus Living Contract. Campus Living uses this information in roommate matching.

Now that you’ve decided on living arrangements, tell us where you prefer to live. Rank the campus neighborhoods—College Hill, Central and West End—in order of preference.

Special Accommodations

All medical requirements or needs will be considered before roommate selection and neighborhood preference. Special accommodations are available based on medical need or physical disability. Campus Living cannot guarantee the availability of special accommodations after May 1.

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Campus Dining

Find the perfect place to dine and catch up with your friends at one of our two dining halls, or in one of the many other options including food trucks, Chick-fil-A, Panda Express, Raising Cane’s, and Starbucks.